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Wellbeing Travel Trends

Wellbeing Travel Trends

Going on holiday used to involve more lounging and lunching than it did mindfulness and juicing. But these days, when it comes to taking precious time out from our daily routine, most of us are looking for something that’ll last long after we return.

Wellness holidays are a fast-growing sector in the global travel industry, perhaps because of a greater focus on preventative health and holistic wellbeing. A regular spa break is (though still lovely) somewhat regarded as old hat these days as we search for more meaningful ways to unwind and educate ourselves. Healthy holiday provider, Wellbeing Escapes, has to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to giving their customers what they want, so we asked them about the current trends in their industry…

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1)    Mind health – it’s still common for people to use their holiday time to get physically fitter, but what’s newer and even more in vogue these days is treating your mind to some nurture too. That’s why meditation and mindfulness retreats are becoming a regular offering on the activities schedule at many health retreats. We all need time to let the continual stress-induced chatter in our minds to unravel and dedicating time and space to allow that process to happen is very important, otherwise it can often get overlooked.

Mind Health

2)   Educational holidays – learning a new skill on holiday – yoga, surfing or cookery for example – when you have time to fully commit can be a great way of getting more out of your time away. Immersing yourself in the process for a while (rather than taking evening classes back at home) should also give you a better chance of keeping the new habit or hobby up when you get back.

3) You are what you eat – alternative food choices are becoming a way of living with more and more people learning about the immense benefits through various health retreat programmes. These kind of holidays are the chance to try a detox or a new diet, understand the science behind it and the benefits that it might bring so you can return with the necessary knowledge to continue at home.

Weight loss



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4) Healthy hens and honeymoons ? We hear your disbelief, but these happen. What’s more, they make sense. Pre-wedding, most brides are focusing on looking amazing for their big day and post wedding lots of brides and grooms are completely exhausted and need a re-boot!

5) Digital Detox

Even on holiday, when you’re used to having your phone and computer to hand it can be hard to completely switch off. That’s why we sometimes need to ‘disconnect to reconnect’. Either make the more extreme move of going somewhere without wifi connection or promise yourself that you only look at your devices once a day for a very short period of time. Or better still, give your devices to your travelling partner and be forced to negotiate for them when you want them….

Digital Detox