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Want to shop efficiently for luxury ethical items? That’s ‘Good On You’!

Want to shop efficiently for luxury ethical items? That’s ‘Good On You’!

Do good, look good, feel good.

If you’re short on time but committed to luxury ethical shopping, Good On You has the solution. Since 2015, the small team behind this brilliant fashion venture, which consists of a website and app, have built a database of thousands of trustworthy fashion brands with excellent sustainability credentials.

Download the Good On You app, for ethical purchases on-the-go.

Responsibility to be transparent:

Every single brand featured by Good On You must have passed its robust assessment with regard to impact on people, the planet and animals. They’ll have answered questions vis-a-vis policies and practices around child labour, forced labour, worker safety, freedom of association (the right to join a union) and payment of a living wage. They’ve also had to account for their relationships with suppliers and their auditing practices, not to mention energy use, carbon emissions, and chemical use and disposal.

Good On You’s founders are: Gordon Renouf, Head of Campaigns at CHOICE, Australia’s leading consumer organisation, and a Board member of Consumers International; and Sandra Capponi, a seasoned business professional with expertise in CSR, supply chains, branding and strategy. In their own words: “We celebrate the designers and brands who are doing good, and connect them with members of the global Good On You community who want to look and live better. Our vision is to make fashion fair and sustainable.”

“All around the world, people use Good On You to check the ethics of fashion brands. We believe fashion brands have a responsibility to be transparent about their impact. We want to know where our clothes were made, who made them and from what materials. We pull together and evaluate more than 50 different standards and certifications and provide simple, easy-to-understand ethical ratings on fashion brands – ‘We Avoid’, ’Not Good Enough’, ’It’s A Start’, ’Good’ and ‘Great’.

Good On You’s biggest supporter, Emma Watson.

Changing the world, one big step at a time…

Good On You is part of a global movement of designers, activists and fashion fans who are driving the fashion industry to be more sustainable. By requiring an increasing number of brands to put ethics and sustainability at the heart of their business, they are setting a higher standard for the fashion industry in general. If we, as consumers, demand such standards, there is certainly potential for a larger-scale transformation.

Good On You co-founder, Sandra Capponi, in her element.

Impressive Facts (good on you, Good On You!):

  • The Good On You app was launched in Australia in November 2015, in USA & Canada in March 2017 and in Europe in June 2018. It’s now available worldwide for iOS & Android.
  • As of October 2019, more than 300,000 people access Good On You every month through the Good On You app, website and eNews.
  • For their methodology, they’ve consulted the likes of Fashion Revolution, Fashion for Good, Four Paws, Fairtrade.
  • In February 2019, Emma Watson was announced as an ongoing Good On You supporter.
  • Also in 2019, Good On You co-founder Sandra Capponi was named as one of InStyle Magazine’s top 50 Badass women in leadership.
  • In 2018, Good On You was the first Australian start-up to win a place in the Fashion For Good Accelerator program in Amsterdam.

What else can we say except… Good On You! We know where we’ll be buying plenty of our Christmas goodies this year.