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Want to crow over your furniture?

Want to crow over your furniture?

Then search for vintage pieces at the newly-launched online store, Jackdaw Home.

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There’s something special about old stuff. Not just because it’s a little bit ‘been there, done that’ – all weathered and matured – but also because it’s sustainable. These two elements, along with a desire to sidekick the 9-5 lifestyle, were the main motivations for Denise Adams when she decided to leave her office job in favour of establishing an online shop, Jackdaw Home.

Having bought and sold properties over the years, homewares (not just furniture but also decorative products, lighting and storage) were a natural fit. The idea isn’t to restore things to new, but rather to maintain a well-worn state whilst adding character and functionality.

Jackdaw 2

“It’s a case of making your home interesting and characterful,” says the resourceful Jackdaw Home founder, who educated herself in furniture restoration with a couple of adult courses. “There’s nothing wrong with stark white interiors and sharp edges but it’s not my cup of tea. I really like that mid-century or even 1970s look, somewhere that has the feel of a cool bar.”

One of Adam’s pieces, a small round Swedish table, exemplifies perfectly the entire ethos of Jackdaw Home. Having bought it from a charity shop with the legs falling off and scratches all over the top, Adams set to work on making the table structurally sound, before varnishing and painting it.

Jackdaw 3

“The amount of stuff that gets chucked irritates me immensely,” says Adams. “It’s very wasteful: these old things are very good quality, usually much better than what you would buy today.”

She’s conscious about sourcing any necessary materials too: “If I have to reupholster something I’ll try to buy British textiles (from Yorkshire) and keep the miles down.” Then there’s your bank balance, says Adams: “If you were to buy a new table made of solid wood, you’d be looking at big luxury brands and it would cost you a couple of thousand pounds. Or you could buy a vintage table for literally a tenth of the price.”

Jackdaw 4

Cheaper, more eco-friendly and just as stylish and luxurious. Isn’t it time you treated your home to a bit of the latest Jackdaw vintage?