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Walpole Brands of Tomorrow 2019: STOW and Desmond & Dempsey

Walpole Brands of Tomorrow 2019: STOW and Desmond & Dempsey

Congratulations… STOW

Wondering what to buy the jet-setter in your life? Or perhaps that jet-setter is you. Whichever it is, STOW, one of Walpole’s 2019 Brands of Tomorrow, has a selection of covetable items for travellers. Mixing practical storage solutions with luxury materials and sophisticated style for both men and women, all STOW’s pieces are individually created by leather artisans, designed in England and handcrafted in Andalucia, Spain.


Passionate traveller Carol Lovell founded the brand in 2013. It is now renowned for its women’s and men’s travel bags, jewellery storage, watch rolls and trinket trays in a variety of colours including sapphire blue, orange, Miami pink, Provence yellow and more. The First Class Tech Case is durable, luxurious Spanish leather with a suede interior lining, and applies a stylish spin to the traditional writing case, substituting pen and paper for powerful, functional tech accessories. This item is loved by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, but other STOW fans include Bobbi Brown, Victoria Pendleton CBE and Paul Young. You can buy the products in Harrods, Fortnum & Mason or online.



Helen Brocklebank, Chief Executive of Walpole, says: “STOW’s bold and original travel accessories have won them an army of fans by answering the practical needs of their customers in a creative and stylish way; its products are the perfect marriage of form and function.”

Congratulations… Desmond & Dempsey

Luxury pyjamas don’t seem essential until you try them. That’s when you realise you simply can’t live without them. Honestly, as if we needed more excuses to have a lie-in, these hand-printed pieces by Walpole Brand of Tomorrow Desmond & Dempsey will make you love weekend mornings more than ever.


Founders Joel and Molly have a sweet story involving long-distance love and a battle over Joel’s shirts, which they both loved to wear. “We’ve taken my shirt, re-imagined it for the bedroom and tailored it for her,” says Joel. “Our prints are exclusive, hand-painted in London and inspired by our Sunday adventures. We only work with top quality cottons and our pyjamas are made to last. So Molly now has her own. A timeless classic. Handsome style with those girly touches…rolled cuffs, slip on shorts and pockets. It’s sexy comfort – and it’s all hers.”

Keeping the focus on luxury yet affordable nightwear and unique prints, the new collection from Desmond & Dempsey is called ‘The Artists Studio’ and takes its inspiration from significant artistic movements throughout history. With designs such as ‘The Cubanist’, ‘The Pop Artist’ and ‘The Purist’, the collection focuses on key turning points in art. Prints are inspired by key techniques used during these movements, including screen printing, abstract painting and nature printing.

For a full list of this year’s Walpole Brand of Tomorrow winners, see this article from Fashion United.