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Uashmama – the family business with charm, style and ethics

Want to hear a charming story of a family-run business that’s based out of a cottage and creates unique, washable bread bags? Enter Uashmama, the ethically-minded brand that dedicates itself to the iconic Italian “mama” who does the washing and takes care of her children.

They make paper bags that feel like leather. That’s sustainability with all the trimmings. What’s more, it’s not just bags but scarves and body oils too. But first, a bit more about the materials…


Uashmama - the family business with charm, style and ethics 1


The paper used (see image above) is called AGGO. It’s a blend of ethical and durable washable paper, although the word itself is an acronym created from the names of the grandchildren of Marco and Emanuela. It’s water resistant and as strong as organic canvas, so feels much more like a fabric than paper. It softens with wear, much like leather, and can be used as a storage solution or else to carry around your groceries or even as a day bag.


Uashmama - the family business with charm, style and ethics 3


The best bit though: it’s a wonderfully exacting process, making one of these bags. Paper sheets become individually cut pieces, the artisans carefully sew and assemble products, finishing touches are added as products go through a quality control process and the final bag is finished by way of dyeing, cutting and sewing. Over time, the iconic Uashmama bag has come to include nine sizes and a variety of colours.

“When we realised how strong and resilient our raw fibre material was, it became a natural progression to introduce everyday wear and fashion accessories too,” says an Uashmama family member. “This collection includes handbags, carry bags, market bags, backpacks and work wear. They’re also working on a range that includes tablecloths and scarves.”


Uashmama - the family business with charm, style and ethics 2


Next the business set its sights on bodycare, making oils, lotions, hand creams, an anti-aging facial serum and body wash. The entire line is scented with the citrus fruit, bergamot. Most recently they’ve launched new placemats. Home decor with a (paper) heart.