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Two thumbs up for Two Red Trees

Two thumbs up for Two Red Trees

A huge number of high street boutiques, online shops and supermarkets are brandishing eco-credentials nowadays, but as consumers we have no way of verifying how legitimate these claims really are.

If we want to shop with an eco-friendly conscience, then we need to truly trust those we buy from. Businesses like Two Red Trees are making it progressively easier for busy, eco-conscious shoppers to access eco-friendly products.

Two Red Trees, which sells designs from professional craftsmen and women based in the UK, was set up by artist Anna Ward. Having studied for a Masters Degree in Illustration, Anna realised that there were a wealth of beautiful and original handmade items being produced by talented art students and graduates, but a lack of efficient routes to sell them. Many of the sellers are recent graduates from top artistic universities who have been through a very selective process to get their work on the site.

Here are our four top eco-friendly picks from the Two Red Trees “Valentine’s Day” collection:

Clockwise from top left: My Only Love pendant – Emily Bronte poetry necklace vintage recycled £27.50; Queen of Hearts Red Shoe Clips £8.50; Men’s Shirt Stays / Collar Stiffeners £56; Men’s Silver Personalised ‘Inspiring’ £70.


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