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Troubled Waters

Troubled Waters

Lawfully Chic is looking forward to joining Bib&Sola, social entrepreneur Kira Heuer’s glass artworks company, and private members fashion boutique Rous Iland for a fundraising evening in support of Somalia on 25 October.

Ten per cent of profits from the sale of Rous Iland’s clothing range and Bib&Sola’s gorgeous carafe set – Elle Décor magazine’s ‘Buy of the Month’ for November – will go to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Mond Nyberg, a UN-HCR representative, will attend the event at Rous Iland’s showroom to chat about the realities of life in Somalia.

In addition to humanitarian and political crises, Somalia has been severely affected by drought. Settlements do not have enough drinking or sanitisation water, with many women and children forced to walk long distances to collect it from wells, exposing them to the risk of violence.

To remind them of the luxury of having clean and safe drinking water, guests will also have the chance to sample Kangen water, which is ionised and alkalised in a process perfected by Japanese company Enagic.

If you are interested in attending the event, please contact Kira Heuer at