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Trend-spot! Conscientious active leisurewear stretches to a bigger market

Trend-spot! Conscientious active leisurewear stretches to a bigger market

If you’re a keen down-dogger, you’ll know that yogis take the principle of ‘ahimsa’ (or ‘non harming’) fairly seriously. That’s why many yoga aficionados shun meat as readily as they do car travel. But there’s another element to living a non-harming lifestyle that’s also building muscle these days: conscientiously sourced and ethically produced yoga and Pilates clothing that can be worn both on or off the mat.

One such example we’ve recently come across is Asquith. Founded in 2002 by creative director Alice Asquith, it’s a brand that always uses sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics. In addition, their garments are made responsibly in a factory in Turkey where employees enjoy a 9-5 working day with breaks taken on a sunny roof terrace where they grow and eat their own herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Asquith Ltd-Zip it Sweatshirt Wear Everywhere Track Pants
Asquith’s Zip-it Sweatshirt and Wear Everywhere Track Pants

So what do these pieces look like and what kind of fabrics are used? Collections are inspired by travel and colour. There’s plenty of Latin flavour – a nod to the upcoming Rio Olympics – in the current SS16 collection, with a warmer, softer AW16 collection in the offing. Each Asquith piece is designed with flexibility in mind, not just in terms of helping yogis get into their best pose, but also allowing them to hop off their mat and head off on the school run, to a casual meeting or, if you’re lucky, to the beach. Examples include stretchy denim, funky leggings, loose fitting tops and even a surprisingly stylish exercise-ready jump suit, all of which are made of fabrics such as organic cotton (GOTS certified organic: ethically grown, responsibly manufactured and chemical free), bamboo and bambor, which is a unique blend of bamboo viscose, organic cotton and elastane that moulds to the body and is chemical free and sustainable.


And so, readers, Lawfully Chic has decided to end this blog with an equation. Call it a prediction for the future, or just some really dodgy maths…

1 (The popularity of movement disciplines like yoga and Pilates has risen hugely over the past decade)

+ 2 (There’s been a massive recent upsurge in the trendiness of activewear)

+ 3 (Kirsty Wark was spotted presenting BBC Newsnight in upmarket tracksuit bottoms – see here)

= 6 (more months until your boss walks into the office wearing an Asquith jumpsuit).