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Time to get some new Kitx?

Time to get some new Kitx?

They may be made Down Under but there’s nothing topsy turvy about the sustainable fashion pieces from Kitx.

Saving the planet one eco-frock at a time, Kitx’s eco-conscious designs have taken hold around the world. They appeared centre-stage at Buckingham Palace and have been worn by actress Emma Watson, models Karoline Kurkova and Bibi Zhou, and many other celebrities.

“It’s brands like Kitx who are offering an attractive alternative to the dystopia that awaits,” writes the editor of British Vogue, Olivia Singer.



The brand takes its name from its founder, Kit Willow. A pioneer in design-led sustainable fashion, Willow launched Kitx in 2015 after departing from her previous brand, which also bore the Willow name. Aligned with sustainability groups such as the Global Organic Textile Standard, Willow cleverly incorporates materials ranging from used bullet casings from Cambodia to Italian Lycra crafted from plastic bags reclaimed from the sea.

“We promise to be at the forefront of sustainable designer fashion, globally,” says Willow. “We’ll do this by consciously sourcing every material and component. This ethos goes into every single design we create, to minimise the impact of what we do on our planet’s natural precious resources.”

A few of the newer pieces include silk handwoven by Loom To Luxury (L2L), which was established to revive the 500-year-old silk weaving tradition in Varanasi, India. It aims to help artisans reclaim their livelihoods and gain access to essentials such as clean water and social services.

All of the products are natural. That’s the promise; nothing unnatural and no dyes. And every effort is made to ensure the entire process causes the minimum possible damage environmentally and socially. For example, Kitx uses organic cotton (made from natural cotton seeds without chemicals) over cotton grown usingĀ  genetically modified cotton seeds with toxic insecticides and pesticides to ensure clean water is maintained and to protect the health of workers, whilst land quality and biodiversity is unaffected. Clearly, Kitx is one to watch – and wear – in 2019!