Tim Walker’s ‘Wonderful Things’ at the V&A

Tim Walker’s ‘Wonderful Things’ at the V&A

Colour illuminates all that is vague and dreary. The primary colours intrude into the most dismal soul, plunging the senses into a multi-sensory feast, swelling with satisfaction. This is one perspective on the V&A’s upcoming exhibition on legendary British photographer Tim Walker, entitled ‘Wonderful Things’.

Tim Walker, ‘Sarah Grace Wallerstedt’, London (2018), © Tim Walker Studio

Walker’s portrayal of a plain room immersed in red light ambiguously seems to mask far more under its obscuring haze, a deceiving cloak of contentment, than it serves to clarify. The presence of the conspicuously dressed Sarah Grace Wallerstedt, cocooned within an eccentric coat resembling a caterpillar, can prove to be eerily unnerving yet is, it seems, congruous to the scene in the presence of the forgiving rufescent mist.

This is one in a series of photographs on display in Walker’s third solo exhibition. He creates an all-immersive experience of the fantastical – a sensory realm of contemporary art with an underlying nostalgic shadow of tradition.

Tim Walker, ‘Duckie Thot, Aubrey’s Shadow’, London (2017), © Tim Walker Studio]

His awe-inspiring exhibition is set to launch at the V&A on 21 September 2019. For more information, please click here: https://www.vam.ac.uk/exhibitions/tim-walker. And submerge yourself in Walker’s innovative world of wonderful things.

Blogger: Maedeh Pourhamdany (during a summer work experience placement at Mishcon de Reya).

Tim Walker ‘Karen Elson, Sgaire Wood & James Crewe’, London (2018), © Tim Walker Studio