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Theatre of fashion

Theatre of fashion

Inspired by theatre, with a focus on sustainability and a philosophy of feminine-ism: let’s just say that Johanne Helger Lund’s womenswear brand Ecouture has a lot to communicate to the consumer.

What does “feminine-ism” actually mean? According to Lund, it refers to helping women to be the best version of themselves. Basically Ecouture aims to enable women to dress to impress without needing to rely on androgynous outfits in the process. Not that Lawfully Chic – or Lund for that matter – thinks that there’s anything wrong with androgyny. Lund is simply keen to ensure that women who prefer to dress in a more stereotypically feminine way ought to have a choice, without the need to revert to suits in order to be taken seriously in the workplace.

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“I make clothes that make women noticeable instead of making them disappear in the crowd,” says Lund. “I believe in the fact that if you dare to straighten your back and shine, you will gain self-confidence and a lot of other good things.” The sartorial results of this firm belief are dramatic, to say the least, and clearly demonstrate Lund’s background. After educating herself in design in both Copenhagen and Barcelona, she worked as a costumier in Danish theatres and television. Although she has scaled down her designs in order to make them a little more practical than your average entertainment-industry regalia.

Certainly in Scandinavia this approach seems to be going down exceptionally well. In the two years since its launch, Ecouture claims to have become the biggest Danish brand on Facebook, where it consistently engages in a lively dialogue with its followers. All styles come in European sizing (35-46) and are sewn in cuts that emphasise what Lund calls “womanly curves”, with strings in the back, polka-dot piping, lace and other fine details.

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Organic fabrics and decent working conditions for those who create Ecouture pieces are non-negotiable, as they should be. “These days, organic fashion and materials don’t have to necessarily equal boring old hemp,” Lund declares. “Ecouture is for the fashion and environment conscious, modern woman who does not wish to compromise [on either her look or her principles].”

The designs are available from the Ecouture website, where you can also get your hands on some rather saucy all-in-one yoga suits. So whether at the office or in the exercise studio, playing yourself down can be a thing of the past.

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