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The Hottest Art of the Moment

The Hottest Art of the Moment

This October, artwork by some of the most-wanted artists will form a ground-breaking multi-media exhibition inspired by Dante’s Inferno.

Artists such as Jonathan Yeo, Antony Micallef and Paul Insect have contributed their interpretations of hell for the experiential showcase, set in The Old Vic Tunnels, deep beneath London’s Waterloo station.

Steve Lazarides, the owner of Lazarides Gallery, half of the collaborative team, describes the show as, “a subterranean journey into hell as envisaged by a group of young, cutting edge artists. It’s a vision of our hellish society under coalition rule….”

For Antony Micallef, whose fans include Kevin Spacey and Jude Law amongst other A-listers), “being brought up by strict catholic parents and enjoying the subject matter of hell so much always seemed like such a huge, guilty contradiction.” The erudite artist explains, “Hell from a painters perspective always seemed a lot more appealing.”

In a similar vein of philosophical pondering on mortality, Damien Hirst’s new show evokes a contemplation of the delicate balance between the transience of life and the imminence of death. ‘The Souls’ is a stunning collection of foilblock butterfly prints, (the butterfly being the traditional symbol of the soul), in ‘quintessentially Hirstian’ style. The iconic creative expands, “The butterflies will look like people, individual and unique – everybody’s trying to get to heaven I guess, …or hell”

Paul Stolper Gallery, 7th October – 13th November 2010