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The elements of style

The elements of style

Founded by Brazilian-born Zel Albuquerque, Caipora offers beautiful handmade jewellery with an ethical foundation that’s right up our street. Every collection is made by a collective of jewellery designers, selected by Albuquerque, and has four ranges suited to different moods and temperaments based on the classical elements: earth, fire, water and air.

The brand celebrates individuality, British style and Brazilian vibrancy, bringing together various metals and other materials such as seeds, recycled bone, horn, wood, leather and coconut shells, along with gold, silver and brass.

The fire range is about energy and vibrancy while the water range relates to calmness and tranquillity, drawing on timeless designs and soft colour. The earth range is all about inner strength, using upcycled materials (including paper, believe it or not), and the air range is fluid and experimental with distinctive shapes and textures.

Albuquerque settled in Britain a decade ago, but has spent the last couple of years founding and developing the brand, which in 2011 won an innovation award at the Ethical Fashion Forum. She says: “With today’s resources being depleted faster than most people realise, I’ve chosen to work with designers who use natural, recycled and eco-friendly materials, as well as to support the development of artisanal communities and to maintain the values they share with Caipora – a passion for people and the environment.”

She adds that Caipora can “offer a selection of fantastic, unique and designer ethical jewellery creations that explore the well balanced relationship between humans, beauty and nature, both in material and form.”

Prices for Caipora pieces range from £20-£395. Stocked at