The collaboration of two British titans

The collaboration of two British titans

This month Burberry and Vivienne Westwood released a teaser trailer of their upcoming collaboration, which looks to honour and celebrate the best of British style and heritage. Fans were treated to a glimpse of the iconic Burberry check being used on the iconic Vivienne Westwood lace up court shoe, and Lawfully Chic could not be more excited to see what these two British titans have in store for fashionistas. The merged logo for the collection shows the bright red Vivienne Westwood name naturally intertwined with Burberry in black and suggests a rock n’ roll feel to the capsule. The collaboration range goes on sale on 6 December and you would be well advised to head online as soon as possible to get their hands on what is sure to be a sell-out collection.

Whilst the collaboration of two well-known designer brands may confuse some, as both are established major players in their own space, the coupling of Burberry and Westwood brings together two edgy and playful British institutions. It also brings together two designers well known for their unconventional and fearless attitudes.

To date, the majority of designer brand collaborations have been with: much younger or niche brands; brands operating in a different space; or celebrities and influencers (see Dolce & Gabbanna x SmegTommyXGigi, Louis Vuitton x Supreme and pretty much everyone with H&M). Collaborations are a great way for brands to reach new customers, leverage another brand’s strengths and expertise and create a buzz around product lines. It’s not all upside though; collaborations, if unsuccessful, risk hurting brand reputation and goodwill, alienating customers and wasting a lot of money and resources. Brands therefore need to be sure that they’re working with the right partner.

The Burberry/Westwood collaboration is a personal one for both designers. Riccardo Tisci, Burberry’s new chief creative officer, credited Vivienne Westwood as being one of the first designers who made him dream of being a designer. The collaboration will be in support of Cool Earth, a rainforest charity that works alongside communities against deforestation and its impact on climate change, in line with Westwood’s well known activism and eco warrior status.

As the first Burberry collaboration under Tisci, the capsule range will be based on legendary Vivienne Westwood items from her archive, reimagined by Burberry. Tisci’s reinvention of Westwood’s well known products follows his recent overhaul of Burberry’s logo and monogram. Tisci is clearly on a road to shake up the brand’s traditional and classic image and is looking to Britain’s original punk to help him along the way.