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Take a ride with SUNDRiED

Take a ride with SUNDRiED

Here’s one supercool new brand that I’ll be wearing this summer, come rain or shine. Since it was founded on a beach in Peru, SUNDRiED has grown into a responsible brand with an international focus. It’s about building a friendly, global community via its collection, which includes shorts, t-shirts, hoodies and sunglasses, all made of high quality materials and featuring funky, bold lettering.

Of course at Lawfully Chic we wouldn’t recommend a brand to our readers or followers without first checking out its eco-credentials! Let’s just say that everything adds up nicely with SUNDRiED. The clothing is: fair-trade; Climate Neutral®; 100% organic cotton; 100% organic product in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS); certified by the Control Union and Soil Association Certifications; 90% reduced carbon footprint (CO2e) and there’s even recycled clothing available for the eco-junkies amongst us.


Just one look at the pictures here and you’ll understand why lots of SUNDRiED aficionados will be drawn purely to its casual ‘surfer’ vibe. But don’t worry if you’re an urbanite who doesn’t necessarily have bulging biceps or a burning desire to complete an Ironman: “You don’t have to be a boardmaster to wear SUNDRiED stuff,” says the brand’s Kate McNeill. “It’s just all about the outdoors, and is designed for people who want to get outdoors and be active.”

One particularly outdoorsy group of people at whom this brand is especially well targeted are triathletes. In fact, McNeill is a dedicated triathlete herself. Whatever level you’re at in this unique, hybrid sport, you’ll know that it involves lots of training and plenty of changes of clothes, being in and out of the water, on and off the bike and constantly on the run.


But whether you’re a triathlete, cyclist, runner, swimmer or just an occasional windsurfer with a penchant for conscientious clothing, we’re predicting a lot of people will be getting SUNDRiED during what meteorological experts are expecting to be a very hot summer indeed.


Twitter: @Sundried