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TAIKKA – Easy going, ethical, everyday handbags with an edge

TAIKKA – Easy going, ethical, everyday handbags with an edge

This month we’re profiling Taikka – an exciting Finnish / Australian handbag accessory label that combines utility and fashion.

It’s all very self-referential, with the name Taikka literally translating from Finnish as ‘either / or’, because the bags are designed to be worn in a number of ways. With interchangeable straps (think clutches that swing from the wrist, pouches that double as makeup bags and satchels that become shoppers), all Taikka bags are crafted from high quality fabrics: every day luxury without the price tag. We particularly like them as a fashionable, functional alternative to leather that’s more ethical not so easily damaged by weather – more sustainable and durable all round. But here’s the bit we’re particularly excited about: Taikka is launching a new ethical line in early 2017 which includes the use of Pinatex, an innovative vegan fabric crafted from the pineapple leaf (keep an eye on our twitter feed for more information on when it’s available @LawfullyChic.)

So where did Taikka come from? The brand was founded in 2012 after founders Riikka Juva and Mia Jones met in London and began hatching a plan to produce something that transcended geographical and meteorological boundaries which looked good and worked well on busy women’s shoulders. Both founders had roots at opposite ends of the globe – Helsinki and Melbourne – and so one enjoyed sunshine and storms whilst the other was more familiar with rain and snow.

“We have the great British weather to thank for the TAIKKA concept,” say Juva and Jones. “After we met in London, we realised the necessity of having a bag that is rain-proof, but doesn’t sacrifice style or quality. As something we all rely on as part of our daily lives, handbags were a natural first step for TAIKKA.”In their search for a bag that suited all seasons and pursuits, TAIKKA was born.

The Taikka ranges currently available  – a quick glance:

TAIKKA Helsinki
With a Nordic minimalist aesthetic, the Taikka Helsinki range includes muted external colours and understated silhouettes.

TAIKKA Melbourne
Crafted from denim, nylon and neoprene, all TAIKKA Melbourne bags are water-resistant, or more specifically, weather-proof. Blending the urban landscape with the surf-ready waves, the neoprene collection blends two very different skylines, for bags that are both edgy and hard-wearing.

Along with multi-functional design features, durable fabrics and elegant silhouettes, TAIKKA Brazil bags are known for their bright and playful inner lining. These bohemian luxe motifs are printed onto durable ripstop nylon, which is specifically woven to withstand rips and tears.