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Sock it to the skyline! London’s latest fashion collaboration

Sock it to the skyline! London’s latest fashion collaboration

So you thought socks were boring, huh? And then along came Look Mate – or more specifically, along came their new offering 12 times a year. Here’s a brand that releases a new playful design each month.

You’ll be hard to miss with these Look Mate socks…

Why socks?

Their mission, apparently, is to to inspire their community to walk around London and take in all this great city’s unique architecture and enjoys the hub of culture that surrounds them everyday. “There is no better way to explore London than on foot, so make sure you’re giving your feet the ultimate London experience by wearing your London Town socks around London Town,” says brand founder, Vahan. And this summer the company decided to put their best foot forward in a collaboration with designer and illustrator Yoni Alter.

Each pair of socks is produced to high standards of craftsmanship from combed cotton by second generation sock makers in Armenia. The socks are tested time and time again until perfection is reached. Sustainability is important to the brand, whose founder, Vahan, has been involved in sustainability practice at the award-winning Draycott Hotel. All packaging is made of recycled paper and the factory supports the local community.

Where did it all start?

Two lists, is the answer. First, a list of people that founder Vahan wanted to work with and, second, a list of things he and his brother, also involved, felt passionately about. A rather unconventional way to come up with a business idea, but it worked. The siblings started by looking at products that could marry their lists and Look Mate socks took its first steps.

Quality was one of the main points on those lists, hence why the socks are produced by a father-daughter team in Vahan’s hometown in Armenia and repeatedly tested.

Truly original socks help you to extend to your full reach…


A bit more about designer, Yoni…

Illustrator and Designer, Yoni Alter

Yoni Alter is a London-based designer and artist whose work is characterised by a bold use of colour and an integration between the figurative and the abstract and between form and space. He studied art and design in Jerusalem before completing his MA Graphic Design at University of the Arts London, and constantly uses the city as a source of inspiration. He’s created the iconic branding for London’s TV channel, London Live, and has a best-selling range of merchandise at the Tate Gallery in London and MOMA in New York. One of his ongoing projects, Shape of Cities, involves eye-catching posters of city skylines around the world: see

“I love London’s architecture,” says Yoni. “Its combination of both old and new iconic buildings makes it like no other city in the world. The distinctive buildings make great graphic shapes to work with too.”


Put some London on your feet when you walk around the capital


To view and purchase the London Town socks, shop online at Look Mate’s e-commerce store. Each pair is priced at £12. Look Mate also offer a one month, three month or six month subscription service for customers to receive a pair of socks from Look Mate’s latest designs.