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Proof that ‘Bhuti lies within’

Brexit madness is making us want to book holidays abroad even more than usual, but I recently discovered a little bubble of tranquility that’s helping Londoners escape the stresses of urban life without need for a passport. It’s a place that I’m reluctant to blog about in case EVERYONE starts going there. However…

From the outside Bhuti looks like a chic little boutique but inside it’s a surprisingly spacious eco day spa/retreat/yoga and pilates studio/mindfully-curated shop/organic and vegan tea room. That’s a lot of ‘wellbeing’ under one roof but somehow it retains a sense of blissful calm and avoids both worthiness and hippy chaos. pic 1
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A Sanskrit word with no direct translation, ‘Bhuti’ has meaning along the lines of contentment, and the resident team of experts – as cosmopolitan as they are clever – are on a mission to help us find it. An array of therapies, treatments, detox cleanses, classes and workshops are on offer, ranging from the more standard Hatha Yoga to the likes of, ‘Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World’.

Whatever you sign up for in this place – which was “created with integrity to serve the local community” – you’ll be shown that the route to ultimate wellness starts as locally as it gets: between our ears, and from there it’s all about energy. pic 2
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The founder, Samantha (a genuine guru who deems her younger self’s success in weight and anxiety battles testament to the liberating practice of yoga), reminds us that according to the energetic laws, what we feed our mind, body and soul, is what they become.

Here, you’ll only find products that have been “created with loving energy”, including some of the most natural and organic brands on offer – from yoga-inspired clothing labels, toxic-free cosmetics and ethically-sourced homewares – all fairly-traded of course. pic 3
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Beyond their mindful, experiential retail space, Bhuti embodies further growing trends, including the beauty industry’s exploration beyond the superficial and the fitness industry’s move towards a more holistic approach to exercise.

Benefit to the wider community is extended, alongside inclusive kindness, via the Bhuti foundation, which donates 10% of profits and fund raises through events to support charities and causes that offer wellbeing, healing and health services to groups that otherwise may not be able to access them. pic 4
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When health and wellness is recognised as the new wealth, an investment in membership of this kind of gym “for mind, body, soul and planet” may prove the most fruitful return on your hard-earned cash. Whether in a stressful boardroom or a packed tube train, dedicated members benefit from the knowledge that ‘Bhuti lies within’