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On White is back, and cooler than ever

On White is back, and cooler than ever

Remember the days when shoulder pads and leg warmers were cool? Well, they’re back and cooler than ever, much like 31-year-old Californian women’s summer wear brand, On White, which is re-launching this year. Founded in Santa Monica in 1983, On White began under the pier selling arty t-shirts and soon grew to become one of the top three best-selling brands in its sector. But sometimes fashion mimics life, and life is full of change…

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In 2010, On White’s Los Angeles-based sales and manufacturing operations closed for various reasons. But just two years later, the brand was placed under the direction of a UK-based design and development team with the mission of reviving and re-launching On White. How would they achieve this? By redesigning the brand assets, restoring the brand legacy and creating a shiny new collection of barefoot elegance. Which is just a tailored way (pun intended) of saying they needed to make On White awesome again. And that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Sadly there’s no sign of any On White leg warmers yet, but when the online store opens this summer, you’ll be able to view two new resort wear collections designed for stylish women in their 20s, 30s and 40s. After three years of hard work, the brand’s re-launch will cater for both the high-end fashion sector and the luxury travel market.

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Last month, On White hosted a sneaky preview at The Sky Bar in St Paul’s London. Sadly Lawfully Chic couldn’t attend, but we did get our hands on some images and emailed one of the brand’s spokespeople. He clarified what we were keen to know: that On White isn’t just about how good the clothes look but also how conscientiously they’re made. It aims to appeal to those with an awareness of ethics in fashion, and the spokesperson promised that sustainable business practices are fundamental to its ethos. The brand seeks to minimise any negative environmental impact at every level of their business operations. Thumbs up, On White. On launch day, we’ll definitely be logging on. Let’s just hope for a lovely long English summer and / or a trip to California to make the most of the resort wear…

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