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Meaningful, Accountable, Material, Opportunity, Quality… spells MAMOQ!

Meaningful, Accountable, Material, Opportunity, Quality… spells MAMOQ!

When you visit a fashion website that includes clothes and items from a variety of brands, can you really be sure you know every single brand’s ethics chimes with yours?

Mamoq ensures that you can. This online fashion marketplace was founded by Madeline Petrow and Lenny Leeman, both of whom are passionate about improving the way we think about clothes and react to brands: “We encourage mindful consumption habits, and offer a curated collection of clothing and accessories from over 60 vetted, style-forward brands that all share a passion for creating positive change within the fashion industry through their commitment to sustainability, ethics, and impact.”

Humphries and Begg, Burgundy Hash Dress

Mamoq as a brand really does practice what it preaches, encouraging curiosity (about supply chains) and scrupulosity (about ethics). They also use models for images on their website that (take a deep breath here…) don’t seem to have been overly airbrushed or to conform to a ridiculous aspiration towards extreme thinness, and at Lawfully Chic we just love that kind of integrity. It’s even more important in the world of fashion, perhaps, where globalised supply chains can get murky and often companies aren’t held accountable for their irresponsible, sometimes dangerous, production practices. Cheap fast fashion seems to suggest to us all that clothing is disposable and that’s making things unsustainable. The bottom line? It’s wreaking havoc on our planet and on those who, at the bottom of the chain, are suffering most.

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Mamoq seek out brands that share their commitment to challenging the unsustainable status quo of the fashion industry today. They are fully transparent in their evaluation process (it involves 12 standardised criteria that includes a variety of social and environmental goals) so if you want to know something about one of the brands they support, just ask. The website even includes icons that allow shoppers to assess the core strengths of each brand at a glance so it’s easier than ever to find a brand that matches your values.

Still, Mamoq remains a slightly quirky name for a curated collection for the conscious consumer (as their tagline suggests) though it sounds even better when you know what it stands for: Meaning Accountability Materials Opportunity and Quality! Mamoq’s founders request that when we’re shopping, we all ask ourselves:

1) Is this a meaningful purchase? Do you love it? Will you really wear it?

2) Is this brand accountable for their production? Are they transparent? Do they treat their workers fairly and respect the environment?

3) What material is it made from? What are the processes involved in creating it? Will it naturally decompose or sit in a landfill?

4) Is this purchase an opportunity to make a positive impact? Will it help others? Will it provide meaningful work to marginalised communities or help fund social missions?

5) What is theĀ quality of this purchase? Will it last?

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