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Mad for Madagascar

Mad for Madagascar

Anybody who’s ever wanted to visit Madagascar should be pretty excited right now. Africa travel specialist Rainbow Tours has just released some very special new trips. Given our love of nature, travelling and eco-friendly tour companies, we thought we’d give you a sneaky peak at what’s on offer.

David Austin Madagascar Wildlife Discover Tour

Don’t know your golden-crowned sifakas from your ring-tailed lemurs? No worries! Rainbow’s new Madagascar Wildlife Discovery Tour, led by location expert and travel writer Daniel Austin, is all about showing people the island’s endemic species and a huge variety of birds, chameleons, geckos and frogs. Austin is a travel writer, naturalist and photographer specialising exclusively in Madagascar, and has written and contributed to three books on the island and its wildlife. As a result, guests get to experience the full range of Madagascar’s diverse habitats, from Marojejy National Park in the humid north-eastern rainforests to Anakao in the remote south-western sub-arid ‘spiny desert’, as well as the island’s capital Antananarivo and, of course, a visit to coastal areas for a swim, snorkel and snooze.

Trips like these are in great demand and take some planning. The 18-day Madagascar tour runs from 27 October to 13 November 2016 and is priced at £4,585 per person, including: international and domestic flights; transportation and guiding throughout; and accommodation, meals and excursions as outlined in the itinerary. The maximum group size for the tour is 12.

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Madagascar Birding and Wildlife Tailor-Made Tour

This trip caters to travellers particularly keen to discover the country’s wide variety of endemic bird species, while also encountering other wildlife. And yes, you’ll get some tuition! Guests are accompanied by Madagascar’s top birding and wildlife specialist guides who, we’re promised, will show you rare species such as Bernier’s teal, Madagascar pond heron, Madagascar white ibis, brown mesite and yellow-browed oxylabes.

The suggest duration for this is 19 days and starts at £4,990 per person, based on two adults travelling together and sharing a twin or double room.

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About Rainbow Tours

As we said at the beginning, Rainbow Tours has an impressive resume, providing tailor-made holidays there (and to Africa) since 1997. First, they use locally run accommodation in lots of places (for example, the national parks of Marojejy, Ankarafantsika and Kirindy). Second, they always enlist the help of local guides.

Third, for every current booking made for one of these new tours to Madagascar, Rainbow Tours will support the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust by adopting a ring-tailed lemur. The lemur sponsorships lasts for one year and travellers will receive a lemur toy and a bi-annual magazine in recognition of their support. Durrell is an international charity dedicated to saving species from extinction through its Wildlife Park in Jersey, conservation academies in Jersey and Mauritius and 45 field projects worldwide. For further information, see