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Mad about Montesogno

Mad about Montesogno

If you’re worried about endangered species, you’re in good company. Furiously ethical accessories brand, Montesogno, is a sustainable luxury business launched almost two years ago to assist with one of the globe’s biggest conservation issues – biodiversity.

Its founder, Mungo Tennant, had an overarching goal: to help protect vulnerable species from extinction. His means was the production and sale of beautiful throws, travel blankets and scarves, each made from the finest wool and silk (knitted products made by Studio Roam in Scotland), with hand-drawn designs by artist Sophie Dunster, also with a conservationist focus. This launch collection is centred around three endangered species – the snow leopard, the bataleur eagle and the European wolf – and 10% of the production costs were reinvested in causes or projects that support the protection of such animals and their environment.


And so it remains today. Basically, Montesogno does everything by the ethical book: the manufacture of their silk products is based entirely in London, keeping the company’s carbon footprint as low as possible. They use digital printing which cuts out ink wastage and harsh chemicals. Their silk scarves are also hand-rolled by skilled artisans. The knitted designs are manufactured in Scotland using Good Energy, a renewable supplier. The finishing of blankets and accessories meets very stringent environmental standards and is monitored regularly. And it currently uses 100% super-fine merino, which can be directly traced back to individual flocks in Australia. Origin, traceability and compliance to the standards of Textiles & Health and TF are certified and guaranteed.

Snow leopard scarf

Bags are also eco-friendly, made out of a sustainable cotton crop manufactured in the UK. Even the tissue paper used for packing is fully recyclable and biodegradable and any inks used are environmentally friendly water-based ones, which have a longer shelf life than conventional solvent-based inks. All we can say is Montesogno is a great reason to shop for another layer!

Bateleur scarf

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