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Luxury Travel Trends 2017

Luxury Travel Trends 2017

Here at Lawfully Chic we’ve been exploring the weird and wonderful habits of high net worth travellers. Such habits are increasingly experience-led, and not much about status at all it seems.

It’s all about ‘Transformative Travel’, said Vogue Magazine earlier this year. Certainly, much of luxury travel these days focuses on delivering unforgettable experiences, as well as long term planning and a big-picture attitude to travel in general.


The Transformative Travel Collective is one such organisation and another is The Luxury Travel Club. Companies like these offer between five and 30 year travel packages to up to 40 destinations… so you could get planning travel now for 2047! Add-ons include a deluxe gap-year package and membership that can be passed down to children or grandchildren too – far more cosmopolitan than they used to be, with British five-year-olds taking over 1,000 flights in their lifetimes.

All in all, our definition of travel is becoming more fluid. Families are taking long vacations that turn into year-long sojourns and, on the other hand, short breaks can feel long thanks to epic, micro adventures from companies like Much Better Adventures. Perhaps our very notion of home (versus hotel) is diffusing a little and our fast hyperconnected lifestyles are causing an urgent desire to go back to basics (luxurious in itself) for short periods of time. High thrill, low risk, seems to be the order of the day. After all, W Hotel New York offered glamping on the roof last summer – that’s £3,000 to bed down in a luxury yurt – which people paid!

Meanwhile you can spend £72,000 per person visiting the White Desert camp in Antarctica (and for an extra £7,500 try to embark on trip to South Pole overnight). Such spending isn’t done without conscience either – White Desert calls itself a ‘zero impact’ venture, and luxury travel outlet Black Tomato enables people to stay in remote locations with zero negatively trace left on the environment. This is guilt-free indulgence with an all-important sense of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it strategy that delivers exclusivity so integral to the new laws of luxury.