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Lowie: feminine, fun and functional 

Lowie: feminine, fun and functional 

Founded by creative director Bronwyn Lowenthal, Lowie (an abbreviation of her surname) is passionate about producing thoughtfully designed fashion with the planet in mind. You can be sure the brand is genuine when it talks about the environment; since the company’s conception in 2002, it remains a pioneer of sustainability. Lowenthal sees this as a lifestyle choice, rather than a greenwashing branding initiative.  

Lowie’s heritage-inspired sustainable womenswear include jumpsuits ranging from classic to playful. For example, the stylish teal cross-front jumpsuit and the bright pink porpoise jumpsuit. Both are designed for durability, femininity and functionality (they have pockets, a feature not always present).  

The brand’s use of traditional handicraft techniques can be seen in its floral maxi dresses and ribbon-fastened peasant blouses, just two examples of its distinctive style. We also love the classic white broderie poet’s blouse and the selection of pleat-front trousers. Its accessories include cute leather pocket money purses, in a classic 1970s designs with tutti frutti patterns and a detachable string strap. 

Lowie’s manufacturing techniques are low-impact, including hand-loomed fabrics, knitted materials and hand-finished details. With refreshing openness, Lowie lists on its website all the manufacturers it works with in order to demonstrate its commitment to preventing worker exploitation, and it is keen to tell the story of its clothing.  

Around 60% of Lowie’s products are made from raw materials including organic cotton, linen and lyocell, and 30% are from upcyled or recycled materials. Even the tags are made from sustainably grown hemp. The company re-uses all shipping boxes, and uses compostable mailing bags and wrap items in recycled paper. It constantly strives for new ways to achieve high standards of sustainability, including phasing out safety pins for a garment attachment solution that doesn’t use metal and using LED lighting in all premises. As well as the environment, Lowie also ensures its staff are looked after, and is a Certified Living Wage Employer. 

This is a company passionate about bringing crafts to the community. It runs online workshop “Patch Up” the last Wednesday of every month. Here you can learn skills such as embroidery, appliqué and darning. It also has classes for kids, including sock animals and friendship bracelets. 

Lowie’s commitment to long-term sustainability is obvious in its “free repairs for life” service; no catch, simply return the item or request online step-by-step help and it will send you the necessary supplies such as yarn or a button. Further, its “Re-love Lowie” recycling programme asks that you return items you no longer wear in exchange for a voucher valid for 12 months.  

It is therefore not surprising that Lowie was shortlisted as a finalist in the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards 2020 and is listed in ES Magazine’s Best Five sustainable boutiques. 

The two south London stores (Herne Hill and Crystal Palace) are open for one-to-one appointments, or you can book a video call by emailing 

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