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Katusha Bull: Life out of stone

Katusha Bull: Life out of stone

Working with stones rarely seen in Britain sourced from her expeditions to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Katusha Bull’s sculptures bring stone to life through use of colour and form.

pic 1
“Turbulence”, boulder alabaster, 17″ x 23″ x 14″, Photo courtesy of Angelo Plantamura

Katusha experiments with the Möbius strip or the twisted cylinder through sculpture. It is a form she returns to again and again in her work – elongating and shorting the shape. Continuous and flowing, it brings a universal movement and liquidity to a medium that is often considered fixed. Her careful choices of stone, many with inclusions of mud, pigmentation and random occurrences in them, also bring a vitality to the qualities of each stone. Faced with an unhewn block of stone she often has an idea of the underlying form the stone may take but feels her way to the final form as she continues to work on the piece.

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(left) “Tintamarre”, Patagonian onyx; (right) “Artemis”, Italian ice alabaster, 60cms x 60cms x 30cms, Photo courtesy of Angelo Plantamura

Katusha Ostroumoff Bull has been a full time sculptor since 2002. Her rise to prominence has been rapid since her graduation from Chelsea’s Heatherley School of Fine Art with a Diploma in Figurative Sculpture. Her work has been internationally exhibited and appreciated, with key pieces now held in collections in the UK, US, Australia, Macau, Malta, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Canada, Norway and India.

pic 4
“Yin Yang”, Photo courtesy of Angelo Plantamura
Katusha Ostroumoff Bull, Sculptor at work, Courtesy of Vision On Communications

Katusha brings rich and varied life experience to her sculptural practice. She grew up in Hong Kong, and then moved to Australia, where she began her career by working as a nurse. She has also been variously a ski patroller and instructor, a dressmaker, a cook, a real estate agent and a mother. Although she prefers to create in solitude, she enjoys maintaining ongoing relationships with the galleries and collectors who own and prize her work. She lives and works in London, but is a regular traveller and finds inspiration globally.

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Photo courtesy of Angelo Plantamura