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Join Vivienne Westwood in Saving the Rainforests

Join Vivienne Westwood in Saving the Rainforests

Helping to save the rainforests may not have been one of your New Year resolutions, but a new campaign headed by Vivienne Westwood might persuade you that it should have been.

The ‘No Fun Being Extinct’ campaign by the Cool Earth charity supports impoverished rainforest communities and aims to stop tropical deforestation in its tracks. Founded by Frank Field MP, Cool Earth states, ‘In the next 24 hours deforestation will release as much CO2 into the atmosphere as eight million people flying from London to New York. That’s roughly 100 acres cleared every minute.’

Dame Vivienne has recruited a host of famous friends to the cause including Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Lily Cole, and is asking us all to help in saving three of the world’s most endangered rainforests in the Peruvian Amazon, the Congo and parts of Asia.

Since its launch in 2007, Cool Earth has protected over 46 million trees and 2.5 million acres of endangered rainforest. Their ground up approach to conservation and community-led forestry management – ‘working with indigenous communities to make rainforest trees of greater economic value left standing than cut down’ – presents a template for governments to follow.

Cool Earth, (which highlights that only 10% of the £390 million dedicated to the Forest Investment Programme by the Climate Investment Fund almost four years ago has been spent on deforestation), was established as ‘a vehicle to allow ordinary people to leapfrog governments and take immediate action in the fight against climate change by protecting rainforests’.

Dame Vivienne has been working closely with the charity for the last 3-years. “Cool Earth has a plan to save the rainforest. If we don’t save the rainforest forget it! I am personally supporting Cool Earth and investing in our future. I’m inviting anyone interested in saving our beautiful world to join me.”

Sign-up and show your support for Europe’s fastest growing environmental charity via their website:
You can also save as little as 3 trees for just £3!