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Jewellery that inspires – an uplifting gift for your Valentine…

Jewellery that inspires – an uplifting gift for your Valentine…

“I believe that the power of words to inspire us is undeniable. An uplifting word or phrase, caught sight of or remembered through a busy day or during tough times, is enough to remind us to stay strong, be positive, and believe in the best.”

These words come from Jo Stroud who three years ago founded Mantra Jewellery, a company making jewellery where each piece symbolises a specific mantra that’s intended to have a positive impact on the way that you feel. These pieces are also great gifts for specific occasions such as the birth of a new baby, getting married or (of course) Valentine’s Day and the celebration of love!

But there are also good reasons to give yourself the gift of a Mantra Jewellery piece. Jo and her team are on a mission to educate people that a piece of jewellery, imbued with a carefully chosen message, makes a more inspiring, lasting and powerful gift than almost anything else you can buy. Think about it – jewellery is almost always accessible – you wear it close to you, can take it with you wherever you go and it can last a long time. So a necklace bracelet or pair of earrings with a meaningful message can act as a prompt, or reminder, either of the person who gave it to you, what’s written on it or the reason you bought it.

Jo Stroud, founder of Mantra Jewellery

Jo established Fabulous, her retail jewellery business in 2005, seeking out and curating collections of inspirational jewellery from designers from all over the world. She now has three Fabulous stores and a busy e-commerce website. Mantra Jewellery was established in 2015 and now has a number of charity collaborations including with Bullying UK, Mind and Smart Works where a 25% donation is given to the charity.

Mantra Jewellery’s Believe Necklace with 25% donation to Smart Works charity

“I’ve always been a keen collector of inspirational quotes, stemming from my school days when I loved creative writing, through to studying English at university,” explains Jo. “Quotes and sayings peppered my walls and filled my notepads but I started really using mantras actively when I trained for running events. First of all, 5km charity runs; then longer runs, like half-marathons; and finally, the London Marathon, where I had 26 mantras, one for each mile.”


Be Kind Necklace, Sterling Silver

“I’ve really noticed how women’s relationship with jewellery has changed over time: it’s more about how jewellery makes you feel than how it looks. I created Mantra Jewellery to bring together my understanding of the power of words, with my love of jewellery; to create an inspiring collection that is a joy to wear and to give.”

Body & Mind Necklace, Rose Gold

What’s Jo’s favourite mantra? “Change your thoughts and change your life!” she says. “That’s definitely the most important for me because it reminds me that I am in control of how I experience life. I have a tendency to think negatively sometimes, so this reminds me to change my outlook and stop expecting the worst to happen. It’s adapted from something Norman Vincent Peale wrote in The Power of Positive Thinking, a brilliant and inspiring book; and I have it engraved on my ‘myMantra’ pendant. Also, ‘if it doesn’t challenges you it doesn’t change you’ is one I love, as well as ‘she who is brave is free.”