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If you go down to the woods

If you go down to the woods

Cass Sculpture Foundation’s 26-acre grounds are home to an ever-changing display of 80 monumental sculptures, all of which are available for sale, with the proceeds going directly to artists.

“X” by Viktor Timofeev, Courtesy of Cass Sculpture Foundation

The foundation’s newest commission, “X”, a work by the young Latvian-American artist Viktor Timofeev, has been installed in time for the new season, which opens on 29 March 2013. Timofeev’s work seizes on the power of contrasts, its industrial aesthetic sitting in comfortable harmony with the scenic natural backdrop of the West Sussex countryside. Greeting you at the gates, this powerful work announces its presence and your arrival at the foundation.

Clockwise from left: “Sketch of a Blue Whale (enlarged to scale 23m, 154 tons)” by David Brooks; “I Miss You” by Awst & Walther; “Stem” by Eilis O’Connell – all courtesy of Cass Sculpture Foundation

Developed by Wilfred and Jeannette Cass in 1992, the foundation – an independent commissioning body dedicated to commissioning new work from emerging and established artists – continues to expand its programme to work with international artists and institutions. Recent partnerships include The Hermitage in Russia, Yellow River Arts Centre in China and the Creative India Foundation. To date the Foundation has helped produce over 400 works.

“Tongue in Cheek” (foreground) with “Luke” and “Current Version” (background), all by Tony Cragg, courtesy of Cass Sculpture Foundation

The foundation is open for visitors until 3 November 2013, and runs a full programme of visitor events and exhibitions throughout the year. Please check the website for up-to-date information: