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More than just your average desert tour

More than just your average desert tour

When you’re travelling somewhere as exotic and stunning as Oman, you want to make sure it’s memorable, not to mention bespoke.

That’s where Hud Hud Travels come in. They’re the experts in everything to do with Oman, and also in luxury camping (useful in a country that is mostly desert). Whether it’s the north or the south, the frenetic city of Muscat or a remote corner of coast, or even whether it’s a small or large group adventure you’re after, Hud Hud can organise your trip to suit you. What doesn’t change however, is their love of their favourite country, and that extends to the way they treat it (which we, at Lawfully Chic, are always very conscious of when we wax lyrical about brands, hotels or travel operators).

The grand Arabian tents they set up are temporary settlements and effort is made to ensure they blend in with the natural environment, rather than hinder or harm it in any way. First the area is cleared, then the camp is set up and afterwards it’s all restored to pristine condition, with all rubbish removed too. The chefs work hard to use as much locally sourced food as possible, even when the group is miles and miles away from the nearest shop. And then there’s the focus on the local people; Hud Hud is always keen to support local craftsmen and craftswomen; chefs buy fresh fish from local fishermen; and local guides and experts are employed wherever possible.

One of the most exciting elements offered by Hud Hud, however, are the events and team-building opportunities. With its rich and varied landscape, Oman is a fantastic location for activities such as orienteering and desert survival skills sessions, though Hud Hud also offers some tantalising-looking party venues; perhaps a 40th birthday party or wedding anniversary celebration on the beach with guests arriving across the water in traditional longboats. Or an extra special Christmas party abroad, anyone? We’re already saving up…