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High Heels

High Heels

Helen Turner paints what she wants and what she finds beautiful: designer handbags, a pair of six-inch stiletto heels, a flower. Her images of desire are deceptively simple, childlike, but also tough.

Turner’s rough-hewn canvases draw together a variety of textures of paper, oils and glitter. The paintings bring to mind pages from the colouring books the artist loves: collaged together from drawn and assembled elements.

Helen Turner
Helen Turner “Red Flower and Dress” (2012), Gloss, eggshell and spray paint on canvas, 90x70cm

The writer Julian Bell observes of the recent work: “Turner’s paintings are… ‘jumpy’ might be the word. Blurt, grab, scrub, cut – it’s verbs, it’s actions that set the rules here, over and above stable nouns. (‘rabbit’, ‘rose’, ‘black’, ‘pink’.) Something has just now happened – a Turner painting declares, and it is as if any moment some new action might succeed it.  – Because, typically, so many previous actions have been overruled. The now in a Turner painting gets pitched against a then of erasures, smotherings, damage. The picture comes out to meet you like someone bursting from a doorway through which you’ve just been hearing a shouting match.

“All of which makes her work far more aesthetically potent than most painting-type painting. Because all the while, what we are looking at is an arrested composition of colours and shapes. And how strange the placements come out: the figures she draws and the fields of colour they inhabit and the stretched canvases those colours themselves are laid down in – all of these coexist in such a jagged, crackly tension, with maximum radioactivity at the edges and margins where one element does or doesn’t quite meet up with another. How strange, and how right. The more I look, the more I’m held.”

Helen Turner
Helen Turner “Chanel Shoe” (2011), Gloss and oil and on canvas, 80x90cm

Turner trained at Canterbury College of Art and has been featured in a number of significant group exhibitions, including the John Moore’s Liverpool Exhibition 22 (2002) and Fade Away at the Transition Gallery (2010). She was selected by Tom Hammick for an Artist of the Day exhibition at Flowers Gallery in 2006 and has had solo exhibitions at Rochester Museum and Art Gallery and HQ Gallery, Lewes. Her work is included in About Painting, Transition Editions (text by Barry Schwabsky).

Helen Turner
Helen Turner “Boot” (2012), Gloss and oil and on canvas, 40x30cm

High Heels is Helen Turner’s first solo exhibition with the Eagle Gallery and features paintings and works on paper made over the last two years. For further details please contact the gallery on 0207 833 2674 or email:

Eagle Gallery / EMH Arts
159 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3AL
Open Wednesday – Friday 11 – 6pm, Saturday 11 – 4pm and by appointment