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Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun

So, we started the week having lost an hour’s sleep but having gained that uplifting feeling that winter is over and summer is on the horizon. It’s perfect timing for the Katherine Hamnett SS/11 sassy and sustainable collection, ‘Here Comes the Sun’. Hamnett, of a CBE, chose this title for her new collection with a nod to sustainable energy, commenting “we receive enormous amounts of free energy in the form of solar radiation; enough to fuel the planet.”

This range of timeless staples and bold brights has been produced with as little environmental impact and as much positive social impact as possible; with REACH compliant processing, eco-friendly fabrics (including parachute silk and organic cotton) and 2.5% of the cost price of the collection going to help farmers in West Africa through Hamnett’s ‘Fashioning a Better Future’ project.

The ‘Queen of Green’ (Vogue UK), has been campaigning since 1989 to get the fashion industry to clean up its act, whilst encouraging consumers to wear their hearts on their t-shirts and use their spending power to better the world. Hamnett started an exciting and lasting trend, with her compelling garment slogans ranging from: “Choose Life”, “No More Fashion Victims” and “Wear a Condom”, to “Free Burma”, “Education not Missiles” and “Worldwide Nuclear Ban Now”.

Hamnett insists on organic cotton for her designs. Organic cotton farmers can increase their income by 50 per cent, (enabling them to be able to afford healthcare, to feed and clothe their families and send their children to school) and they avoid deadly pesticides (thousands of people die every year and millions suffer long-term due to pesticide poisoning in conventional cotton agriculture according to the Pesticide Action Network).

As a host of global fashion brands gather in New York for their ‘Bid to Save the Planet’, we see Hamnett as a pioneer who put fashion wheels in motion decades ago and is still going strong, in style.

Young, British and Talented

Katherine Hamnett, is one of an extraordinarily talented creative elite who once studied at Central St Martins, a college of the University of the Arts London. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring a number of promising designers who show there’s no need for fashion to compromise on any level and who have recently spread their wings and flown from this world-renowned institution…. Watch this space!!

Images from Surgery PR