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Helmet chic

Helmet chic

Does anybody else smell the freshness in the air? Or hear the birds singing at 7am when – hang on a second – it’s almost light? Yes, spring is almost here! So it’s time to think about putting away the winter gloves and wheeling out your bicycle from the shed where it has been gathering dust all winter.

With the bicycle comes a certain compromise about one’s wardrobe. It generally means taking a change of clothes or wearing only tapered trousers for fear of impaling one’s leg on the bicycle spokes. It’s so much easier to simply dress smartly and take the tube. We’ll take a look at chic cycle-friendly clothing in another blog, but this week it’s all about the headgear.

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If you don’t want to cycle around because you think helmets are just plain ugly, you’re not alone. But ditching the helmet is not advisable since research shows that wearing one reduces the risk of head injury by 70%. That’s why we’re excited to see French designer Isabelle Altieri’s Chic-Helmet hats. After a long and unsuccessful search for a cover for her old bicycle helmet, Isabelle decided to merge fashion with safety and make handmade, affordable, hat-style helmet covers herself. You can get them in classic tweed-style patterns, giraffe print, military colours or even cheeky pink spots.

All covers are priced at £24.90, made in the UK, delivered throughout Europe and available at:

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