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H+ at UTA Artist Space

H+ at UTA Artist Space

How might today’s technologies lead to radical improvements in human health and extended lifespans? That was the question at the heart of Ryan Hewett’s first exhibition with UTA Artist Space.

Entitled H+ and hovering on the boundary between the human and what the artist defines as humanoid, this colourful other-worldly series combined Cubist-inspired portraits, figurative works and surrealist landscapes; seeking “to underline the harmony that could exist between the technological and the organic”.

For Hewett, lauded by critic and curator Edward Lucie-Smith as “one of South Africa’s most distinguished painters today”, the portrait is “not about capturing an external likeness of a subject; but rather creating a portal to the inner journey of self-exploration”.

Having been exhibited extensively in both group and solo shows in major cities around the world, Hewett’s work can now be found in various international private and public collections, including Emergentes Art Foundation and the Dean Collection.

Designed by Ai Weiwei and established in 2016, UTA Artist Space is an exhibition venue based in the heart of Beverly Hills that is committed to showcasing art by globally recognised talent; working with the likes of Jake and Dinos Chapman, Amanda Hunt and Ai Weiwei, among others.

H+ took place in Los Angeles with UTA Artist Space and ran until 18 December 2021.