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Glamorous green

Glamorous green

California-based eco-fashion brand Amour Vert takes their relationship with plants very seriously. For every T-shirt bought from their website (with participating garments marked with a gold rivet), the company will plant a tree somewhere in the USA.

Amour Vert uses natural fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo, peace silk and tencel, as well as ensuring all their dyes are low impact or vegetable. Producing their products in the US – although they are shipped internationally – means that they instantly reduce their carbon footprint as well as support the local community. But their ethos runs even deeper; the company sources only from those who use a “closed-loop recycling procedure” that minimises waste and pollutants.

So how do the clothes look? “At Amour Vert, we believe that women shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability,” says a brand spokesperson. Taking an online stroll through their collection, it is clear that they have not compromised on that belief, blending classic items such as jeans, daytime tops and casual dresses with more formal skirts and trousers.

Essentially this is a lifecycle brand that loves both ‘green’ and ‘glamour’. Amour Vert has found the intersection where Paris-chic meets Cali-cool: a glamorous, French take on utilitarian sustainability. Having seen their Fall lookbook, we are almost excited about the arrival of autumn…