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Getting back to nature

Getting back to nature

For a brand that produces such stylish, high-quality garments, eco-couture label Sara C comes from surprisingly humble beginnings. The original concept for designer Sara Cohen’s collections came from a series of prints drawn and photographs taken while she was rolling around the English countryside, mid-winter, in a family campervan called Able Mabel.


It was during this time, as the advertising executive took a two-month break from her bright-lights-big-city lifestyle, that Sara became inspired by nature, wandering alone across deserted, freezing beaches, hiking up empty mountains and sheltering beneath the open skies in remote campsites. She produced a series of prints – Nature’s Edge and Nature Lust (which launched August 2012) – all digitally printed onto 100% bamboo silk for a luxuriously soft finish.


From those prints grew a clothing range full of celebration and respect for the natural environment. In terms of the celebration aspect, each of Sara C’s garments are inspired by a specific aspect of nature – from sunshine-dappled woodgrain to hydrangeas drying out in a London flower market. The ‘Nature’s Lust’ collection uses auburn, orange and woody colours relating to the earth and foliage, while the ‘Nature’s Edge’ collection encompasses brighter colours, more resonant of the sky, sun and light.

In terms of respectfulness, the designer does everything she can to ensure they have a low impact on the environment, so much so that she has even coined her own phrase, “bamboo  couture”, to describe the brand’s truly organic, ever-evolving creation and production process, which involves only organic, natural fibres such as bamboo and peace silk with eco-friendly dyes. And not only is every piece inspired by Britain, each is printed and manufactured in Britain. How’s that for instilling a little bit of a patriotic, fashionable cheer?


Prices range from £80 to £175. For more designs please see