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Get your skin fit

Get your skin fit

When we talk about luxury wellbeing, what springs to mind? Maybe it’s the latest must-try spa treatment or a daily visit from your personal trainer. But beyond exercise, food and massage, another part of holistic health that is often overlooked is skincare.

So how does the dedicated sportswoman of 2015 best ensure that it’s her muscles, heart and lungs that suffer (in the best possible way) when she exercises – and not her skin? The answer is in choosing high quality products that aren’t stuffed full of chemicals and make a conscious effort to limit any damage to the environment.

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As an eco-conscious exercise junkie who’s always fitting a class in between meetings or a run in during lunch-hour, I’m a huge fan of Mio’s Clean Slate Swipes. If you’re wearing make-up when you train or have accumulated any dirt on your face beforehand, that’s what’s going to sweat into your skin. These wipes come in singles so are lightweight and convenient – just pop a couple in your handbag – and unlike most face wipes are biodegradable and even compostable.

They aren’t tested on animals and they’re free of parabens, petrolatum, synthetic fragrances and colourants and xenooestrogens, chemicals that over time can disrupt hormonal balance. They’re naturally antibacterial to help prevent post-gym breakouts, and contain aloe vera, antioxidants and omega oils to moisturise your skin, as well as tea tree and probiotics. And they even smell good, thanks to the cucumber and mint essential oils. At £27 for 25 wipes, this is what you might call high intensity face and body cleansing – perfect before and after a high intensity workout.

get your skin fit
Three other top-notch Mio products for fitness fans:

  • Liquid Yoga: use it as a scrub or bath soak (it contains the muscle relaxant, magnesium), and it’s refreshing and smells great – £26
  • Workout Wonder: an invigorating muscle rub, good for post-workout soreness – £21
  • The Activist: an antioxidant body oil that seals in moisture – £29.50