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Get your Rox on!

Get your Rox on!

Want to know what rocks about the end of September? Bex Rox. This week, the designer is introducing her SS14 AFRIKA collection which was showcased during Paris Fashion Week.

After spending time working with the Made Tusk Charity, Bex’s philanthropic passions led her to Nairobi in Kenya. She loved the country and wanted to learn about the Maasai tribe culture. During this period, she started collaborating with Crea Africa, an organisation that focuses on empowering local community members by offering them the chance to work on making beautiful bespoke products.


It’s fairly easy to spot the influence of the Maasai culture and the Kenyan landscape in Bex’s pieces, and even easier to see how well it works alongside Bex’s love of colour and texture in the SS14 collection. Some of the pieces, which include long Maasai chain necklaces, chokers and bracelets, were directly inspired by the tribe’s ceremonial accessories. The magnetic clasps are hand-cast from recycled brass by the local artisans, with every bead made of glass rather than plastic. It can take up to two weeks to produce a single item.


“In present day we are used to being surrounded by counterfeit, soulless products but Bex Rox wants to change that,” says a brand spokesperson. “We’re excited to display through this showcase that you can be ethical and supportive of other cultures: without going into mass production, and without compromising on quality.”

If you want something original that’ll turn heads at a party, take a look at the new collection.

Prices range from £110 –£1,100. For a list of stockists or more information, please see: