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From music players to phones to luxury cars

From music players to phones to luxury cars

Forbes has crowned Apple as the world’s most valuable brand for the fifth consecutive year and it’s easy to see why. I urge you to empty your pockets and your bag, and see what’s on the table: if it isn’t an iPod or an iPhone, it’s probably an iPad.

As critics and shareholders began to worry that everyone already had these gadgets, the brand released a watch – its first wearable technology device. Although no official statement has been released, technology and automotive markets have now suggested that the bods in California are pressing on with designing a car; and rumour has it that it may be ready as early as 2019.


Many leading car marques have knocked on Apple’s door over the years to work with the brand on improving in-car entertainment offerings so that they interact more efficiently with Apple products. But as the recent film ‘Steve Jobs’ showed, if Apple isn’t happy with the way something works, its approach is often ‘Let’s make our own.’

Apple has shown no fear in moving into different markets, with the hire of former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts as head of retail prior to the launch of the Apple Watch. It is believed that Apple has attracted key employees from various marques for its move into the automotive sector.

We eagerly look forward to sketches and entries by Apple to the Geneva concept car motor show.