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Water Works

Water Works

When you were brushing your teeth this morning and filling your glass, did you think about the wet stuff falling out of the tap? Nor did most of us; we were far too busy rushing to work. But as some papers will tell you, it was World Water Day on Tuesday. A global day for a resource that’s seemingly all around us (in endless supply, at the turn of a tap) may seem strange for many. However, for hundreds of millions of people around the world, finding clean water is a constant struggle and 5,000 children die because of it every single day.

It’s overwhelmingly tragic and incomprehensible but a few inspirational people are devoting their lives to putting this injustice right. People like the Oscar-winning photographer Candice Farmer. Since founding the initiative Fresh2o in 2004, Candice has been helping to save thousands of lives by implementing clean water systems and improved sanitation in communities where it’s desperately needed.

As well as undertaking fieldwork and working with partner organisations on the ground, Candice has been making waves and raising awareness with her pioneering underwater portraiture.

The stunning aqueous images include an eclectic mix of famous beauties (Kelly Brook), supermodels (Lily Cole), Hollywood actors (Will Smith and Keira Knightley), sports stars (Lewis Hamilton and Eidur Gudjohnson), DJs (applause for Judge Jules) and astronauts (recent supporter Buzz Aldrin).

Tuesday night was the Fresh2o VIP dinner, following two days of underwater shooting, with new famous supporters including Tamara Ecclestone. The prestigious event will raise further funds and awareness for this cause. Places were very limited (sorry if your invitation didn’t reach you?!) but all will be revealed on the Fresh2o website, which is well worth a visit to see new additions to this breath-taking portfolio if nothing else.

P.S Recently, I watched this and had to share it with you:

Tippy Tap video: