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Frankly, it’s ethical, fair and stylish

Frankly, it’s ethical, fair and stylish

The newest ethical clothing and gift shop at Wapping Wharf in Bristol is open!

A place where all products give back in some way, Frankly is the brainchild of Helen Symonds, who has worked in mainstream retail for the last 16 years.

Symonds recently found herself falling out of love with the traditional consumerist model as she noticed how motivated it was by driving up sales and down costs, encouraging people to buy more of what they don’t want or need. When she began researching more ethical brands, she noticed how a lot of them were very expensive and out of reach for most people. This led to the creation of Frankly, which uses a new retail model that has a fairer split of profits, focuses on the quality and story behind products, and aims to be more sustainable.

This image of the circle is at the centre of everything Frankly does. It serves as a reminder that, every time you buy something that has been ethically and fairly produced, you become part of a circle that ties you to the artisans, producers and charities that have created it. Circles are strong, but only when they are complete, and that’s where the consumers (you) come in.

Symonds says: “We want to encourage people to buy less but buy better. Everything we sell gives back in some way, from products produced by people in vulnerable groups supported through training, to brands giving a percentage of their sales to charity.”

She wanted to find a fairer and kinder retail model. Rather than buying multiple, mass produced gifts, you can buy a one-of-a-kind product that is not only beautiful but also has made a difference. It’s a win-win situation: you get to give back and you get to feel good!

Frankly products can be bought online or at the shop in Whapping Wharf, a new quarter in the historical and cultural heart of Bristol by the city’s glistening waterfront. The Wharf regeneration is, in itself, an impressive project: based on land that was previously derelict, it will eventually retain and restore several key listed buildings and the Old City Gaol gatehouse to enhance the City Docks conservation area.

Frankly sells a range of products including clothing, accessories and gifts. Each product has a story and each brand is selected because of its contribution to making positive change. Sales from their T-shirts go towards Bristol-based charity Lovewell, which supports vulnerable women. For every bar of Kushboo soap sold, another is donated to a charity or foodbank. When you buy a recycled stationery product from the VENT for Change range, you’re supporting worldwide education programmes.

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