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Fit for a queen

Fit for a queen

It’s almost the Jubilee weekend and some fabulous parties and events are taking place all around the UK. If this sunny weather holds up, you’ll need a t-shirt to celebrate in, and thankfully we’ve found one entirely suitable for such a royal occasion.

Wear Chemistry, the eco-conscious casual wear label, has created a carbon diamond t-shirt featuring their signature bold graphics and chemical symbols. The t-shirts are completely ethically sourced, containing 30% organic cotton and 70% bamboo – which, as a sustainable, natural fibre, is naturally antibacterial, soft against the skin and helps to protect you from the sun.

Wear Chemistry was established in 2010 by entrepreneurs Trish Richards and Brad Cheng, who wanted to create a fun casual-wear label that was conscious of both style and the environment without being expensive or compromising on comfort. Their mission statement says it all really: “We champion the clever, the original, the independent. Inspired by Science. Art. Words. Everyday life. It has to look good. It has to feel good. It has to be good.”

And “being good” includes ensuring that all Wear Chemistry’s garments are manufactured without the use of child or forced labour, discrimination or excessive working hours and instead under safe and healthy working conditions with legal employee labour contracts, payment of a living wage, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. Surely Her Majesty would approve of that!

Carbon diamond T-shirts come in vintage red or black, are machine washable and cost £25. Stockists include:;;; Asos Marketplace; Balfe’s Bikes.  See for more information.