Feel the Glove

Feel the Glove

“If I asked you where to buy a tie, you would know plenty of places. There are, after all, shops named after accessories – think ‘Tie Rack’ and ‘The Sock Shop’ for example. But where does the average person buy gloves? Why is the only glove shop we have in London from Italy? Most of us would just pop to our favourite department store to find some luxury gloves; we are probably not even familiar with the different brands available to us. But I want to change this. Gloves are important and my gloves in particular are great.”

These are the words of 27-year-old Gizelle Williams, founder of bespoke glove company, Gizelle Renee, which launched at this year’s London Fashion Week. Having successfully established the charity, Orphans of Ghana in her early twenties, Williams decided to turn her entrepreneurial hand (excuse the pun) to glove distribution.

Gizelle Renee’s gloves are handmade in Madrid by ‘glovers’ who study for three years to gain this prestigious title. Williams prides herself not only on the quality of her gloves, but on how her team work, commenting: “It’s too easy for the retail shops to source from countries where we just have no idea what conditions these workers are in or how much they really get paid to provide for their families. One of my company’s central philosophies is to know each and every worker, from the designer to the Glover, and have a mutual understanding of respect, goals and equality.”

These gloves are not about keeping you warm. They’re about urging you to express yourself through the shapes, linings, leathers and buttons you choose, safe in the knowledge that the leather in question is sourced from world premiere glove tanneries, ‘Pittards’ and ‘Riba Guixà’, and the fabric from London’s leading destination stores including Liberty Arts Fabric on Regent Street.

And there is no doubt that they are exquisite, although perhaps not for the indecisive with so many styles, colours and patterns to choose from.  The Persian Pickles range is for females and includes five different styles ranging from elegant and classic to cosy and chic, as well as fingerless gloves for smokers and cold office workers. The Philomena and Pysche ranges (two of the five that are less obviously feminine in style) have been adapted for men, and use the same legendary Liberty lining as the women’s range.

Gizelle Renee also offer a range of bespoke device covers (iPad, kindle, iPhone, iPod and Blackberry cases), luxury cushions and a range of hand-made, bespoke accessories.