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Featuring EQUI – a Walpole 2021 Brand of Tomorrow

Featuring EQUI – a Walpole 2021 Brand of Tomorrow

The equitable supplement company that promises to restore balance to your body.

It’s not often that we feature health products on Lawfully Chic but we make exceptions for exceptional brands. Equi is certainly one of those.

Launched in summer 2018, Equi (a reference to equilibrium) has already been named one of Walpole’s 2021 Brands of Tomorrow. Founders Rosie and Alice are friends who met on the first day at university, over 15 years ago. After university, their careers went in different directions, with Rosie heading into the City and Alice training as a nutritional therapist. Much later, when Rosie was suffering from classic signs of burnout (highly problematic skin, fatigue, bloating, low mood and so on), Alice prescribed a range of high-grade supplements.

Rosie says: “I’d always been fitness focused, but with a full-on lifestyle, although I did eat well. I took bog-standard supplements but nothing of any quality. Not getting enough sunlight, drinking too much, not getting enough sleep: these were all things that went hand in hand with my job and lifestyle, however hard I tried to be healthy.”

It was a lot to take on board (around £350 per month and well over 20 pills per day) but Rosie was determined – she wanted not just to feel better but to clear up her skin for good. Thankfully, it worked. In addition to her skin clearing up, she had more energy, was calmer, sleeping better and had a general feeling of wellness and less irritability that she’d been missing for many years. However, one aspect still bothered her. The products that had changed her life were only available through specialists and required a huge investment in terms of time and cost. So when Alice told Rosie that she was looking for help to establish a nutrition-based business, the solution was obvious. The two went into partnership and set up Equi.

From the beginning, they wanted to do something different in the health and well-being world – something that would stand out on a crowded shelf and offer people’s bodies a safe and gentle way of re-establishing internal balance. Rosie’s background in data and electronic trading mean she is also able to fully analyse the metrics and ensure things are scaled effectively.

“We are the only supplement products on the market that are completely holistic,” says Rosie. “The reason they work so well is that they are based on our philosophy of complete body balance (equi – or equilibrium). It’s not just about taking a vitamin D or a probiotic but about nourishing all body systems that we are made up of. So there’s no point in taking something for energy if your adrenal health is no good. There’s no point in taking something for immunity if your gut health is bad. Because you can’t absorb nutrients with bad gut health and you can’t get rest and switch off (which is as important as feeling energised) with bad adrenal health.”

Equi’s products include pregnancy, weight loss, energy, beauty products and they will soon launch a menopause supplement. All of these are made up of ingredients from market-leading laboratories in the USA through to ancient farms in India, and include Ayuverdic herbs, Chinese mushrooms, vitamins, minerals, probiotics digestive enzymes and superfoods! There are no fillers, binders, chemicals or bulking agents; each microgram has a nutritional benefit to it.

Rosie adds: “We are trying to raise the bar in the supplement market by making these ingredients more available to people. I think supplements get a bad reputation because a lot of the stuff on the market is low quality and ineffective. We want to change that and to be able to help people feel energised and keep up with the pace of life. We just can’t get everything from our diet in modern life, not if we are working and socialising hard, and demanding lots from our bodies.”

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