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Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward

At Lawfully Chic, we believe that fashion has the power to do good – and make us feel good – in style. Over the next few months, we’ll be blogging about fashion’s fairest and finest: those who are leading the way in merging style with sustainability.

As the world of luxury continues to evolve, with effects trickling down to the high street, we’ll comment on Hermès’ ‘Petit h’ Upcycled collections, how Prada have answered the heightened demand for provenance with its ‘Made in’ range, and how PPR continues to drive change with its CSR commitment.

We’ll talk to Debra Bourne, the co-founder of the initiative Beyond the Catwalk, about the era of digital image retouching that we live in and the impact that fashion and the media have on women and their body image. Never has there been greater need for ‘feel-good fashion’ in the truest sense of the term.

With our continued focus on supporting emerging talent, we’ll also interview those to ‘watch out for’ alongside some well-known names. Among these are the exciting new designers shortlisted in the Fashion Discovered and Fashion Fair competition at Fashion Press Week. We’re passionate about the importance of mentoring and the need to provide a platform for emerging designers who have a wealth of talent but who lack the budget to be able to compete with established brands when it comes to the likes of marketing.


From Somewhere With Speedo, one of the Fashion Fair brands showcased at Fashion Press Week S/S2011.

And we’ll offer insight into some of the most inspirational fashion-focused social enterprises that are producing designs worthy of presentation in any high end magazine.  We keep finding fashion brilliance that shows there’s no need for compromise on any level.

Optimism is in the air and it’s an exciting time for fashion. Runway to Green has shown that amazing things can happen when people join forces and we look forward to further collaborations in the world of couture.