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Fancy a luxury wine cave? Now that sounds like a big cellar…

Fancy a luxury wine cave? Now that sounds like a big cellar…

There was a time when converting your basement into a luxury pied-a-terre was the height of sophistication. And then came the signature wine cellar. We’re talking a dedicated, walk-in room with an entire section for wine tasting, and even dining if you have the space.

Whether you’re going for a traditional French wine cave style or a more contemporary feel, Cellar Maison’s temperate and climate controlled wine havens are certainly exclusive. They include ‘wine pods’ made from curved or flat custom-made glass and ‘wine walls’ displayed behind specialist glass doors and backlit with LED lighting. For the most part however, you get to choose exactly how you want it and Cellar Maison will project manage the whole thing, from architects plans to interior design and temperature control.

So how did it all start? Managing director Andrew Speer has been redesigning bespoke furniture for more than 20 years and set up Cellar Maison in 2012, having already spent time working closely with property developers, designers and wine merchants. But it was the location of his upbringing that arguably had the greatest impact on his love of wine. “I grew up in the Nelson and Marlborough region of New Zealand surrounded by the region’s incredible wine heritage” he says. “I wanted to be part of the huge cultural change that’s going on in the wine collecting and investment businesses.”

Don’t have a clue about wine (yet)? Don’t worry – Cellar Maison will even collaborate with the Master of Wine, Marina Gayan of Gayan & Nathan, meaning you’ll have access to expert consultations and advisory services on buying, collecting and cellaring your wine. Provided, that is, you can stump up the full cost for your new cellar, anywhere between £20,000 and £250,000.