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Environmental Art Series: Vitor Schietti

Environmental Art Series: Vitor Schietti

“Being vividly present” is, as Vitor Schietti explains, “one of the simplest yet hardest things to do in our hyper-connected and distracting world.” This focus on presence is at the heart of the acclaimed photographer/filmmaker’s entire body of work.

Using the likes of long exposure photography and light painting, two of his favourite tools, Schietti demands our attention and draws us in to his exploration of perceived reality and universal truths. Such is the case with his current captivating series, ‘Impermanent Sculptures’. Multiple streaks of light form shapes and ‘veils’ over trees in an impressive attempt to bring invisible forces into sight. With just a narrow time frame to balance fading twilight and the brightness of fireworks, his technique involves patience as well as optical mastery.

Image: Vitor Schietti, Impermanent Sculptures (2016)

“Schietti’s photographic constructions are based on two apparently similar terms, ‘time’ and ‘duration’, which the author’s gaze cross, dismantle and manipulate in a constant process of complex thought. The photographic image presents itself as the consequence of a long meditation by staging the different mental nuances that have contributed to the perception of reality at a given moment, expanding it in the space….” – Valentina Casacchia, Curator

Some of the images were created in a single shot whilst others were composed of several photographs overlaid. The resulting creations are as beautiful as they are ephemeral. Schietti somehow makes you see ‘common’ natural life with new eyes and appreciate the magic in the everyday.

Image: Vitor Schietti, Impermanent Sculptures 2021

For recent additions to this collection, which has already spanned several years and continues to evolve, the Barcelona-based “citizen of the world” returned to his home city of Brasilia, but as in all his work, the messages are global. Beyond asking us to consider how trees communicate with their surroundings, and how we interact with nature, Schietti seeks a contemplation of: ancient symbols, the impermanence of material things and the manifestation of life in all its forms.

‘The dream realm’ and the unconscious are further reappearing thought-provoking themes throughout his portfolio. In ‘Maya Rainbow’, another of Schietti’s long exposure photography projects, water forms a kaleidoscopic prism that represents our emotional bodies and their fluidity; questioning the composition of self-identity, illusion and reality. The fantastical projected images could be said to be both illusory and real, and they’re undeniably dreamlike.

Image: Vitor Schietti, Maya Rainbow

A recent trip with his father to the Brazilion Amazon, where he photographed wild animals and ancient trees, reinforced his passion for nature and his yearning to protect it: “To be amongst such a diverse and alive environment brings a sense of awe and of deep respect for mother nature, while at the same time evokes anger to what our kind is doing to her…”

The experience helped fuel Schietti in his founding of The Vegan Utopia, ‘a channel for the production of vegan content and vegan art, tools to create empathy and spread information on this urgent situation’.

Image: Vitor Schietti, Brazilian Amazon Rainforest

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