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Dress to impress

Dress to impress

Time for a wardrobe revamp? If you are looking for classically designed, responsibly sourced, trans-seasonal garments for women, check out Multemyr’s collection of mid-price dresses, blouses, jackets and trousers.

The London brand was established by 33-year-old Helena Farstad, co-founder of the WISE Creative – a group of independent labels dedicated to manufacturing in the UK – and a management consultant who advises companies on how to take on environmental projects and grow their businesses.

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“Successive years in the chemical and banking industries meant that I was witness to the effects of maintaining shareholder value,” Farstad says. “Workers, the environment and ethics themselves all suffered. I wanted to find a lever to engage people on sustainability and fairness in the value chain and decided to set up a clothing label. I believe real change can come about only when people get emotionally engaged. The clothing business has a vastly adverse impact on the environment, and as our relationship with clothes is often very emotional, this new approach made perfect sense to me.”

It makes perfect sense to us, too. In fact, there’s a lot about Multemyr that equates well with our fashion values here at Lawfully Chic. First, as you’d expect, the clothes are made using only natural fabrics. Second, all profits are reinvested in projects that minimise waste, source and consume responsibly, produce locally and pay fairly. And the brand’s commitment to responsible business includes transparency about Multemyr’s retail mark-up.


“I had always looked for clothes that satisfied the much needed wardrobe basics and my desire for sustainability. But I’d never found it all in one collection and decided it was time to create my own,” says Farstad. “Multemyr’s overall aesthetic offers effortless and sophisticated dressing from day to night and the entire range also travels very well.”