Corrado Sassi

Corrado Sassi

Corrado Sassi’s work, exhibited at “Fast and Steady” the recent show of Marcelle Joseph  Projects, held in conjunction with Charlotte Artus Art, experiments with the  interference between the viewer and  the subject of the image.

Sassi, based in Rome, took the images in Manhattan and upstate New York on a 35 mm camera. His practice is to employ a “fast and steady” mode of photography, taking “snaps” without the use of a view finder and holding the camera at chest level. From this method Sassi’s work has a narrative quality- you are positioned as a voyeur witnessing a slice of an unfolding tale. This is heightened by the bifurcation of a number of these images such as “Grill” which gives a sense of catching glimpses from a car or train.

Corrado experiments by fragmenting his photographs in a number of ways, both splitting works horizontally and, at its most subtle, in the series entitled “Voile” where images are printed on aluminium in the background, layered with a print on a transparent voile fabric in the foreground, and contained within an artist-made wooden box. The complete gauzy images are hard to read, and it is difficult to ascertain if the work is complete or a fading ghostly after image.


There is something both filmic and fairytale in Sassi’s work. The controlled use of red seen in the monochrome setting of  “Fiocco”, where a single red bow hangs above the  empty, snowy road, or the girls’ red coats in “Family” recall Little Red Riding Hood. The careful consideration that Sassi has given to the palette is seen also in John Constable’s paintings such as the flash of red skirt in “Helmingham Dell” and also the sinister red in Nicholas Roeg’s film “Don’t Look Now.”  Sassi makes us feel that we have chanced upon these images, and, by the same token, Sassi makes all the decisions as to what we are allowed to see.


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Corrado Sassi’s work will be next exhibited at:

WHEN IN ROME: THIRTY WORKS OF ART BETWEEN NOW AND THEN APRIL 20-MAY 21, 2011, Isituto Italiano Di Cultura, Hammer Museum, and LAXART, Los Angeles, CA
April 20–May 21 2011


Images: All rights reserved Corrado Sassi