Chic Chats #20 - Method Studio 3

Chic Chats #20 – Method Studio

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“Obsession with constant innovation and refinement creates a depth and a richness which we are always striving for in our work.” Callum Robinson, Creative Director at Method Studio (@MethodStudio), one of Walpole’s 2018 Brands of Tomorrow. LC: What was the inspiration for Method Studio and what’s the trajectory been? CR: Method is very much a… Read more »

The Infinite Dimensions of Maurits Cornelis Escher

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Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972) is a Dutch artist equally famous for his never-ending staircases and his millions of sales (not to mention the fact that he turned down the mighty Rolling Stones when Mick Jagger requested he design one of their album covers). To huge numbers of people, Escher’s prints and drawings are instantly recognisable;… Read more »

Rose Wylie at Serpentine Sackler Gallery

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It’s hard to believe that Rose Wylie’s current display, Quack Quack, at Serpentine Sackler Gallery in Hyde Park is her first institutional solo exhibition. Gathering material and ideas for her pieces from art history, cinema and comic books, news and celebrity stories and observations through the course of daily life, Wylie tends to paint through her… Read more »

What Hat am I Wearing Today?

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The duo-exhibition from Paul Abbott and Alex Roberts, What Hat am I Wearing Today, is certainly thought-provoking. On for 20 days in South London gallery Moca, this multi-media art installation explores the non-stable identity-reality of our daily experience of living and working in the second decade of the 21st century. But what does that actually… Read more »

Chic Chat #7 – Alexandra Lewellyn talks Backgammon

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Chic Chats #7 – “There’s no doubt that if you’re a luxury brand, generosity has to be at the forefront of what you’re doing.” Alexandra Llewellyn founder of Alexandra Llewellyn Design LC: Let’s cut right to the chase: how did you come to make bespoke backgammon sets for a living? AL: Well, it came about organically really…. Read more »

Chic Chat #6

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“Many designers don’t have time to developing their ideas. It’s not human friendly anymore – there’s too much waste. Everyone is trying to cope with a pace that’s dictated by the fast fashion movement. There’s a big pressure on designers to produce more and more, and that’s killing creativity,” says Natalia Zawada, founder of ethical… Read more »

TAIKKA – Easy going, ethical, everyday handbags with an edge

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This month we’re profiling Taikka – an exciting Finnish / Australian handbag accessory label that combines utility and fashion. It’s all very self-referential, with the name Taikka literally translating from Finnish as ‘either / or’, because the bags are designed to be worn in a number of ways. With interchangeable straps (think clutches that swing… Read more »

Add some Frangipani to your wardrobe

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Do shirts ever go out of fashion? If so, we haven’t noticed. This week Lawfully Chic spotted the colourful men’s shirt brand, Frangipani, and decided it was worthy of some blog space, because we love their vibrant vintage style, seasonal prints and tailored block designs. With a name that refers to a tropical shrub (or… Read more »

Chic Chat #5

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“Sustainable fashion is really about valuing key pieces and developing a confident sense of style, rather than chasing every trend,” says Paula Haunit, founder of the newly-launched ethical fashion website, Sheer Apparel. Lawfully Chic recently had a chat with Paula and we were impressed by her passion and excited by the possibilities for her brand… Read more »

Personalised wellbeing: no longer a luxury

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According to the latest Mintel research on food and drink trends for 2017, healthy comestibles aren’t just for the privileged anymore. Professionals in particular are so serious about their wellbeing these days that they consider it a necessity, not a luxury. It’s on a daily basis that we’re concerned with the newest foodie trends such… Read more »

Top five places to eat in Seville

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Never mind the Alcazar and the Giralda – when you take a break in the Andalusian city of Seville, one of the main attractions is good food. Like many wonderful places, however, this Spanish hotspot attracts lots of visitors and thus has its fair share of tourist traps. Here are some first-hand tips from a… Read more »

Diamonds for Christmas?

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Londoners who love bespoke, high-quality jewellery should check out the first collection by designer Julien Riad Sahyoun, which he recently launched at the private members club, 5 Hertford Street. Artist jeweller JRS designs every piece by hand and with an individual story in mind. He told Lawfully Chic that he believes all jewellery has a… Read more »

Exhibition Preview! Hair by Sam McKnight at Somerset House

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We’ll admit we aren’t thrilled about being in the throes of autumn, but at least there are some exciting things, culture-wise, on the horizon for Londoners. One of our favourites is coming up in November: a monograph exhibition that looks at the work of prolific hair stylist Sam McKnight, who has worked in the fashion… Read more »

Winter luxury, Cypriot style

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For those of you who, like me, are dreading the onslaught of winter, I’ve some good news. The solution to continued wellbeing for us sun-junkies is a trip to the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus – where temperatures stay up in the 20s well into the winter and it is only four hours on a plane… Read more »

Want to crow over your furniture?

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Then search for vintage pieces at the newly-launched online store, Jackdaw Home. There’s something special about old stuff. Not just because it’s a little bit ‘been there, done that’ – all weathered and matured – but also because it’s sustainable. These two elements, along with a desire to sidekick the 9-5 lifestyle, were the main… Read more »

Chic Chat #3

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“When we started, the term upcycling didn’t exist. That way of working was something people had forgotten (my grandmother used to make clothes out of old scrap clothing). Now being resilient is something we have to re-learn.”  This week, Lawfully Chic was lucky enough to catch some telephone-time with the brilliant Kresse Wesling from the… Read more »

Restival: where retreat meets festival

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Festivals. At what point do these wonderful tumultuous gatherings of music, moshing and many days without a shower become more stressful than enjoyable? Nobody’s saying that they aren’t fun; just that there comes a time for something new, a chance to reconnect with nature rather than your inner raver. That’s where Restival comes in. A… Read more »