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It’s alive! Automata and us

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Automata have an enduring interest. The rise of examination (and to a degree anxiety) into AI, the digital world and its intersection with art, music, culture and society, means the exhibition at Compton Verney comes at the right moment. It looks back and forwards at our long-term fascination with making the inert ert.  (Automata were… Read more »

Katusha Bull: Life out of stone

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Working with stones rarely seen in Britain sourced from her expeditions to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Katusha Bull’s sculptures bring stone to life through use of colour and form. “Turbulence”, boulder alabaster, 17″ x 23″ x 14″, Photo courtesy of Angelo Plantamura Katusha experiments with the Möbius strip or the twisted cylinder through sculpture…. Read more »

Leather Trompe L’Oeil: A visit to Susannah Hunter’s atelier

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With spring (hopefully) round the corner it was a pleasure to visit Susannah’s atelier based in Bloomsbury, established in 2000. Working in leather, Susannah Hunter creates furnishings and designs that focus on flowers and foliage. All rights reserved- Amanda Gray Her background is in both fine arts and  fashion – her father was a painter… Read more »

Street Art meets design-Mark McClure

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Mark’s work has significantly developed since my last visit to his Dalston studio 18 months ago. Though he is exploring different materials in his work, his roots are in street art. Uphoarding / Olympic Park -Portion of Uphoarding – 200m wooden mural at the Olympic Park, Stratford. (All rights reserved- Mark McClure) These pieces show… Read more »

A London Assembly-Mark Fairnington at Delahunty Fine Art

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The exhibition of  Mark Fairnington’s work, A London Assembly, can be seen at DELAHUNTY  FINE ART.  The painter/collector has also exhibited at the Wellcome Trust Collection, the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool and Galerie Peter Zimmermann, Germany. Fairnington’s paintings are a new twist on the relationship between science and art, and our relationship with nature. We… Read more »

What is luxury?

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The V&A exhibition – 25 April- 27 September 2015 In the recent TV adaptation of Marvel Comic’s Daredevil – the Hell’s Kitchen crimelord Wilson Fisk acquires a white colourfield type painting.  The painting is more than just an acquisition. The  object, on which he regularly meditates, is  a touchstone for who he was (a child who stared at… Read more »

Intelligent interiors

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In the fast-paced world of interior design, we are constantly surrounded by new products, technological advancement and a sense of the impermanence of our choices. To a large extent, design has become a fashion industry. But what if we took the time to reflect and consider design decisions? To invest for the long term; to… Read more »

A rare bloom

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Simon Lycett – flamboyant, effusive – an exotic orchid in a hothouse of flowers. Simon J. Lycett Ltd has gone from strength to strength since it was established in 1993. Simon’s mastery of floral design and innovation has led to a (daisy) chain of accolades and prestigious clients. Supported by his team, Simon is the 2013… Read more »

Ditchling Museum of Art +Craft

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Reopened by  Sir Nicholas Serota, on 20 September 2013, after a major refurbishment, Ditchling Museum of Art +Craft has been re-imagined for a new audience and a new century. It has been somehow overlooked and buried that Ditchling was a centre for applied arts in the 20th Century. It is however apparent from meeting with… Read more »

Dale Chihuly: Beyond the Object

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If you have not caught this exhibition already, do not miss Halcyon’s show of Dale Chihuly’s latest work on display at both  144-146 New Bond Street and at Harrods, where a chandelier is exhibited. Chihuly’s work never fails to grab you with his use of colour, form and dynamic use of glass. For those familiar or new to… Read more »

Everything and Nothing

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Following on from the success of ‘Visitations’ at 9 Club Row Project, Timothy Lee’s exhibition ‘Nihilphilia’ is soon to open at the Cock ‘n’ Bull Gallery at Tramshed in Shoreditch. All rights reserved Timothy Hon Hung Lee Since graduating from Leeds University, Lee has already exhibited widely in London, Singapore, Toronto, and Amsterdam and gained… Read more »

If you go down to the woods

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Cass Sculpture Foundation’s 26-acre grounds are home to an ever-changing display of 80 monumental sculptures, all of which are available for sale, with the proceeds going directly to artists. “X” by Viktor Timofeev, Courtesy of Cass Sculpture Foundation The foundation’s newest commission, “X”, a work by the young Latvian-American artist Viktor Timofeev, has been installed… Read more »

Why, why, why, Delilah

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In the words of Tom Jones, “I could see that girl  was no good for me…”. Colnaghi are currently exhibiting “Samson and Delilah”,  by Willem Bartsius, one of very few works known to still exist by the Dutch painter. Only six signed works by Bartsius are known to have survived, while a further 10 have… Read more »

Three’s company

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A trio of art projects featuring Andrew Curtis and Leon Chew are running simultaneously in London to accompany the opening of Art13, London’s newest art fair. The exhibitions include Curtis at the Collective Gallery, Chew at the PayneShurvell art gallery and a joint project with both artists at Art13. Curtis’s “The Leisure Circle”, an off-site collaborative project between PayneShurvell… Read more »

High Heels

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Helen Turner paints what she wants and what she finds beautiful: designer handbags, a pair of six-inch stiletto heels, a flower. Her images of desire are deceptively simple, childlike, but also tough. Turner’s rough-hewn canvases draw together a variety of textures of paper, oils and glitter. The paintings bring to mind pages from the colouring… Read more »

Night Paintings

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Celebrated British artist Paul Benney, a resident artist of Somerset House, brings his Night Paintings to the hidden passageways underneath its fountain courtyard for the first exhibition of its kind in the unique space. Into the Morning” (2008), Oil on canvas – All Rights Reserved, Paul Benney Curated by Flora Fairbairn, the exhibition includes more… Read more »

Pick Me Up: Contemporary Graphic Art Fair at Somerset House

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‘Pick Me Up’, the UK’s first annual contemporary graphic art fair and festival, celebrating graphic arts in all its forms, returns to Somerset House again this Spring (22 March to 1 April 2012). It showcases some of  the very best illustrators, graphic novelists, cartoonists, and graphic designers from around the UK including A Two Pipe Problem, Soho Warriors… Read more »

The Fleming Collection

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The Fleming Collection has become known as the embassy for Scottish art in London. The collection comprises over 750 oils and watercolours that span from 1770 through to the present day including works by Raeburn, Ramsay, Wilkie and the iconic paintings of the Highland Clearances, The Last of the Clan by Thomas Faed and Lochaber… Read more »